Gairloch Harbour Works!

Gairloch is a proper, commercial, working harbour. It makes a fascinating place to visit, draw, photograph or just look at. In the winter months, you will see the creel boats, who work sustainably catching prawns (langoustine) lobsters and edible crab, trawlers, scallopers and a hand diving scallop boat. Its worth noting that Gairloch has a long term ban on trawling and this helps the loch stay pristine.
Then come the Spring, the pleasure boats and trip boats are launched. If you are visiting, by boat, please contact Len Campbell the excellent harbourmaster onĀ 01445 712140, or call on Channel 12. You’re assured a very warm welcome.

Here’s a look at some of the regulars…

True Vine


Stella Maris

Silver Cloud

Bright Horizon